Way more than just a loan amortization schedule tracker

NetLoan is an easy-to-use app embedded in NetSuite that simplifies and automates the ever-changing principal and interest accounting through your entire loan lifecycle

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Automate loan accounting and stop juggling manual journal entries across multiple spreadsheets
Expert implementation

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Automated creation of loan

Everything is easily found on
the loan record

Everything related to the loan is easily input, linked to, and displayed
throughout NetLoan such as loan bills and payments

All loan modifications are fully

The journal entries and loan schedule updates are automatically performed
after each modification with a before and after audit trial

Comprehensive reporting available
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NetLoan is capable but always improving

Captures all details from loan origination to payoff

Keeps information together for the entire life cycle of the loan and includes debt covenant monitoring. Includes origination date, initial loan balance, annual percentage rate, monthly payments, loan origination fees, down payments, and balloon payments.

Built for NetSuite verified

As a Native SuiteApp, NetLoan puts loan accounting where it should be — in your core financial system. Install NetLoan, and Netgain’s accounting processes and automation will be embedded into your NetSuite account, eliminating painful reconciliations, integrations and concerns about security and data integrity common with third-party apps.

Complete amortization schedules

Forecast payments, interest expense, and ending balances at any point over the loan’s life. Capture monthly payment details, allocation between interest and principal, and ending loan balance.

Integrated AP/AR management

Integrate billing with vendors or customers, removing the disconnect between lease payments and lease journal entries, and identifying payment errors in real-time. Say goodbye to the dreaded month end lease payments reconciliation process. For borrowers, NetLoan maintains direct links to the vendor bills and loan payments. For lenders, it links to the customer invoices and payments.

Payment allocations between principal and interest

See how the relationship between the principal and interest of a loan changes over time. NetLoan automatically generates journal entries that change each month to reflect correct allocation between payment and interest.

Intercompany loan management

With a single loan record, you can capture both sides of an intercompany loan. Interest expense is recorded on one subsidiary and interest income on another. Entries for both are automated with a single loan record that directly ties to existing intercompany rules and properly eliminates the loan upon consolidation.

Loan payment forecasting

Forecast loan payments or balances for any point in time or period of time.

Capitalize and amortize loan origination fees

Capture origination fees in a separate account and amortize them over the life of the loan.

Balloon payments

Capture a single large payment made to close out a loan.

Manage loan modifications

Modify loans in progress with these options: prospectively adjust loan terms, apply loan forgiveness, and full or partial principal pay-off.

Store and access key details and documents for each loan

Both financial and non-financial documents for each loan record are easy to access within NetSuite. Upload PDFs, image files, Microsoft Office files, and more. 

Bulk processing

Save time by performing mass actions on batches of loans. NetLoan allows you to upload new loans, generate loan schedules, perform mass commencing, run and approve monthly journals, and modify loans in bulk.

Loan dashboards and reporting

Include loan records in your NetSuite dashboards and KPIs. Crucial reporting functionality makes forecasting and auditing easy. Included with the suite of advanced reports, NetLoan creates Roll Forward reports and Waterfall reports for forecasting payments, principal, or interest.

Robust end-to-end audit trail

Our click-by-click audit trail provides detailed tracking to easily create detective controls within your internal control environment. Includes time and date stamp, shows changes made and identifies the user who made them.

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Want to see NetLoan in action?

Watch a demo video

Already sold on NetLoan?

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