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How Netgain partnerships work

Step 1.
Have interested clients? Contact us!
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Establish partnership agreement
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Set up a demo with us and your client
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Earn a percentage on every sale

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Why partner with Netgain?


We make NetSuite even better


Our native NetSuite apps add additional value to your customers existing NetSuite investment. Our core business is making NetSuite more valuable for accountants.


New lease standarts are here


ASC 842 has gone into effect and the accounting required for GAAP compliance around leases can’t be easily accomplished with spreadsheets anymore. Your sustomers will need a software solution like ours to be ready for auditors.


Accounting teams love our products


We help accountants solve the frustrating problems that slow them down by eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming ”grind it out” work. Fixed asset accounting?
Monthly closing? Lease accounting?
We automate it.

Partnership program FAQs

What ERP’s do you support?

NetLease is now available as a standalone solution that works with any ERP. Our other products are embedded NetSuite apps that expand NetSuite capabilities.

How long does it take to get a customer live?

In most cases, we can implement as quickly as a customer is able. In general, that’s 4-6 weeks. This number varies based on the complexity of the implementation and the readiness of the customer.

What can speed up implementation?

Most of the work of implementation is collecting and preparing data to upload into NetSuite. The more data relevant to the product that the customer collects in advance, the faster we can implement.

What support does Netgain offer?

Implementation – We get the customer up and running and satisfied with the product.
Anytime support – Next-day support is included with all purchases. We also offer 24-hour support for an additional fee
Living Knowledge Base – We frequently update our extensive documentation on how to use, troubleshoot, and unlock the full potential of each product.

What our partners say

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We wish we had heard about NetLease earlier. There’s a lot of risk doing lease accounting with Excel. A formula could break and it’s easy to get lost in the data. The biggest comfort with NetLease is knowing that our numbers are going to be accurate.
We don't need to focus on calculations. From an audit perspective, we can refer to NetLease as the system we've tested, so it's an area we don't need to focus on again in an audit. We only need to focus on potential new leases and lease contracts themselves. It's an ongoing time saver.
NetLease is not just used as an accounting tool. That's where time savings and accuracy are felt the most, but NetLease allows us to have good information to provide to operators and store development.